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Being a Panda

I love being a Panda because you get all the respect from everyone as they walk on the opposite side of the street. You also get to eat just about anywhere you want and don't have to worry much about table manners.

Yes, I do love trees so much that I hug them when ever I can (and they are also great especially when I have an itch that needs to be scratched).  

 However, being invited to concerts and other events can be a problem because they often don't serve bamboo there and no one knows how to talk in  pandanese.

I am still friends (I think) with the police, immigration, animal control and my veterinarian because they keep visiting me all the time. And they still keep coming; week after week.  I don't know why. Maybe the neighbors have complained about the bamboo in the public areas of where I live. sigh.


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I am fluent in Pandanese and decent in English. Still haven't learned Chinese but can use chopsticks. I can balance a bamboo tree on my nose (It's not as easy as you think it is).

On my thinking rock 

Mr. Guy's famous quotes

"My policy is to blame the British"

"When in doubt pray for something to eat."

"Heavy raining? I blame Hong Kong for not appeasing Tin Hau."

"If you think you got problems then you haven't live as a panda have you?" 

"Life on this barren rock isn't a kettle of fish you know."